Newsletter December 2016

Our School Projects at a Glance

G8 – Sponsor a Meal

In the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan there is a community of slum dwellers mostly sanitary workers and their families.  These families live in settlements located on the banks of open sewers with constant smell emanating from the polluted water and a breeding ground for deadly diseases. In the midst of this chaos, Light on a Lampstand, USA is a shining light providing free early education for the children of this marginalized community.  Open Hands Global Relief and Health Programs has come alongside this Institute to provide milk and a selection of seasonal fruits every school day for 34 children to ensure that no child has to sit through classes hungry.  As these children receive quality education Open Hands Global is ensuring that learning abilities of these children are secured and strengthened.

Please support us in providing milk and healthy meals to many more school children.  Your contribution of a $1 a day or $20 per month will provide a student with milk and a healthy meal every school day.

Chak Jalaluddin – Sponsor a Student

Chak Jalaluddin is a slum community in the outskirts of Islamabad, home to more than 4000 Christian families. Many residents of this community work in sanitation, cleaning sewers and collecting refuse. Others provide domestic help for Islamabad’s affluent as they themselves live in ramshackle houses constructed over open sewers in ghettos hidden from sight behind whitewashed walls.

Open Hands Global Relief and Health Programs is partnering with local leaders in the community to establish its presence for ongoing research and developing long-term educational and health programs.

Open Hands Global has identified 12 children and secured their admission in a local English-medium school for January 2017.  Your support and commitment of $50 per month will provide tuition, 2 sets of uniform, books and transport for a deserving student.  Hundred percent of all donations will be used to provide access to quality education for as many students as will receive sponsorships.

Some Potential Candidates waiting for sponsorships

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